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Renew Medica

Restoring Beauty, Health & Energy
with nature and advanced technology


Skin Treatments


Body Treatments


Mind Treatments


Hair Spots Veins

A total concept of beauty, health and anti-aging clinic

Skin Treatments

Fractional Laser, PRP, skin needling, anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers, collagen stimulation, removal of skin tags and precancerous skin lesions, sclerotherapy and threading.

Skin Treatments

IPL skin rejuvenation facial treatments, red vein removal, acne and acne rosacea treatment, pigmentation treatment, oxygen therapy, cosmetic peels and electrolysis.

Skin Treatments

Waxing, manicure, acrylic nails, pedicure, eyebrow shaping, lash and brow tinting and tanning.

Body Treatments

Permanent progressive hair removal, Remedial Massage, fat cavitation treatment for cellulite and fat reduction. Chinese medicine and acupuncture, diet weight loss and nutrition, advanced peptide treatments, Naturopathy and Osteopathy.

Mind Treatments

Traditional and kinesiology based counseling, hypnotherapy, energy based healing modalities including theta healing sound therapy and shamvahan vibrational massage.

Hair Spots Veins

Unwanted hair, brown spot and precancerous lesion removal, red vein removal.


Our professional team will care of you

Our passion is to treat skin and health problems comprehensively with internal and external therapies. Our clinic is unique in that we assess and treat the whole person, not just the skin. We are here to help as many people as possible live happier and healthier lives with optimal energy and health.

Treatments & Solutions

Restoring beauty, health & energy with nature and the most advanced technology

A holistic approach is the foundation of all our treatments and we use the most advanced technology to help you to achieve the best results on finding your true nature of positive beauty, health and wellbeing.

Build the best version of yourself