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Renew Medica

Helping people live happier and healthier
lives with optimal energy and health

Our passion is to treat skin and health problems comprehensively with internal and external therapies

We are a para-medical skin, body and health clinic with a total anti-ageing concept.


We provide skin enhancement treatments such as IPL laser, skin rejuvenation and acne rosacea, red veins and pigmentation removal, skin peels as well as permanent progressive hair removal.

The resident professional Sydney based celebrity doctor Jeremy Cumpston provides treatment for deeper wrinkles with Fraxel duo laser, Botox and fillers and the ‘vampire lift’ using PRP platelet-rich plasma therapy. A doctor from the skin cancer clinic will also be available for regular skin checks.

You can also find at the clinic a Doctor of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, a Natural Way diet and nutrition clinic, a clinical hypnotherapist and counselling for performance enhancement and study, to quit smoking, for weight loss, stress reduction and relaxation therapy with theta sound techniques.

Also available the latest sensation sweeping Europe, Zeltiq fat cavitation treatment for cellulite and fat reduction.

Build the best version of yourself